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Wedding Planner versus Wedding Planner Book

A Wedding Planner Book is a written guide to the steps required for planning a wedding. It is a cheaper alternative to hiring a real Wedding Planner and allows a bride to keep all her wedding details with her, wherever she goes. However, the book can only provide instructions and worksheets for keeping track of details the bride, or someone else, must still do the work.

What this means is that, while a real Wedding Planner can readily recommend worthy vendors based on budget and other requirements, a Wedding Planner Book can only tell you the next step is to look for such and such vendor. The bride would still have to perform the research and visit each vendor on her own to determine if they are suitable. A Wedding Planner Book also cannot offer customized ideas and advice since it was written to handle a typical wedding.

And most importantly, planning a wedding is not a small job and it can get stressful, especially when it can also become an emotional event for the couple and their family and friends. A Wedding Planner can provide moral support and reduce stress by taking the burden of planning and handling a wedding. What better assurance can you give the bride and groom then knowing that they have someone who’s done it many times, taking care of everything for them.

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