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Wedding Planners (other referred to as Wedding Consultants) are individuals in the profession of planning and preparing for weddings and coordinating the many details that need to be handled on the big day. They must be resourceful, organized and detail-oriented and can usually offer many creative ideas to personalize a wedding as well. Wedding Consultants allow for the bride and groom to enjoy their special day knowing they have a professional taking care of everything else for them...(click to learn more about wedding planning)

Joyce Cheung
Wedding Consultant, WPICC

Joyce is a certified member of the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC). Along with past experience in planning weddings, her passion in the wedding industry, and her creativity skills, Joyce is a well-qualified consultant to help clients design and create their dream wedding.

Winnie Kwok
Wedding Consultant, WPICC

Winnie beholds years of experience in planning special events and her organizational skill has proven her to be a valuable partner in helping clients prepare for their wedding. She is also a member of the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

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