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Testimonial - Vivian
The backdrops and all the flowers look great! A lot of my friends loves them very much.

Thank you so much.. =)
Vivian, June 2008

Testimonial - Helen
Thanks so much for all of your work. The WD went smoothly and everyone had lots of fun. The flowers were beautiful.
Good luck with your future weddings.
Helen, May 2008

Testimonial - Cherry Thank you so much for your help throughout the last year. Every wedding has its own challenges. Ours was that we live in England but had to organize a wedding in Toronto. We most certainly could not have done it without your help.

Putting up with our odd hour phone calls and a deluge of e-mails could not have been easy, but you managed the process with complete professionalism and confidence.

Throughout this process we were very impressed with your technical skills and attention to details. This could clearly be seen by your help in putting together our invitation cards, menus and seating cards. We never realized that it took such great effort to make these perfect.

Apart from your high caliber of services you also are extremely nice and friendly individuals. We looked forward to every meeting we had during our short trips to Toronto.

We also would like to give you special thanks for your help on two aspects of our marriage. The first is the Betrothal ceremony. Being a cross culture marriage, your help in bringing meaning to unfamiliar traditions was dearly valued. The second is your help in decorating the bride’s home for the wedding day. You really came through for us during this last minute jam.

You are very devoted and show true passion for your work. You made our wedding a wonderful success.
Cherry, July 2007

Testimonial - Simon Thank you so much for your work. Winnie was very pleased with her bouquet. It was exactly what she was expecting. Even with our small order, you have provided us with excellent service.

Thanks again.
Simon, July 2007

Testimonial - Lamont The services provided by Weddings From Above were excellent. They understood our wedding vision and offered useful information on achieving our goals. Their experience was important, as they pointed out many things we overlooked, and made many relevant suggestions.

On the wedding day, they were able to facilitate the ceremony and the reception program. The direction they offered was invaluable, and we were able to enjoy our special day. I am sure there were complications during the reception, but Weddings From Above was able to resolve them. The guests were pleased, and the wedding party was able to enjoy a carefree night.

I would recommend everyone who is planning a wedding to hire a wedding planner/coordinator, and I would strongly recommend the services of Weddings From Above.
Lamont, May 2007
Testimonial - Megan Thank you both so much for everything you did, you took exactly what we had in mind and made the ideas come to life. You totally exceeded our expectations, and helped to make our wedding day a dream come true!! Thank you so much for everything!
Megan, Sept 2006
Testimonial - Emily In keeping with the mushroom theme for our wedding, your decor was truely magical. From the gorgeous headtable backdrop and arbours, to the delicate bridal bouquet, we were really impressed with how beautifully executed our ideas were. Thank you.
Jessica, August 2006
Testimonial - Emily Winnie and Joyce had done a remarkable job at decorating the Banquet Hall and the Church. They had made the whole day so memorable because of all the lovely decorations and flower arrangements. I would recommend Winnie and Joyce to anyone who wishes to create images of their wedding for a life time to cherish. Thank you for an incredible day!!
Emily, June 2006
Testimonial - Oswin Dear Joyce and Winnie, on behalf of my wife, we would like to thank you for your outstanding work at our wedding. Everyone of us were very pleased with the decoration both at the church and at the dinner. Besides, the flowers which you delivered to us were very nice and they all matched with our colour scheme...especially her kimono and the overall layout of the restaurant. Once again, thank you so much and best of luck with your business...highly recommended!
Oswin, June 2006
Testimonial - Margie The decorations look beautiful. It was elegant and classy. The champaign color was an absolute splendid pick.
Margie, May 2006
Testimonial - Lisa Winnie & Joyce, we really appreciate everything that you did to make our wedding day perfect!!! We don't even know where to begin to thank you!!! When we first started with the planning process, we were overwhelmed by the details and work that we had to prepare for the wedding. After we met you, the planning process seemed so much easier!! You took care of all facets of the event and allowed us to enjoy our special day with no worries. We love those beautiful flowers, backdrop and decorations! You two are excellent wedding planners ~ very professional, enthusiastic, and most importantly, provide honest opinions and good advices!! We can't thank you enough for all the work you did to make our day perfect! Everything on that day turned out better than we had imagined!! Both of you did an awesome job. We would definitely recommend you to all my friends and anyone that wants a perfect wedding day!! From the bottom of our hearts, thanks again for everything and all the hard work!! All the best and success to your business!!
Lisa, Sept 2005
Testimonial - Rita I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work! You were both GREAT! Many people have told me that it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to. Everything was so elegant and classy. Thank you so much! In addition to being the talented professionals that you are, you really went above and beyond for our wedding. Thank you so much for taking such good care of everything! You've only just begun your careers in the wedding industry and you already blow everyone else away. It won't take long for you to be well known in this very competitive industry. I wish you much success!
Rita, July 2005
Testimonial - Rita Thanks for being apart of our wedding day! Aside from the heat that day, everything was perfect. The backdrop, cake and reception table was amazing. Bernard was especially taken away by the backdrop and the detail put into the decorations! Your help was indispensible, from the moment we got engaged, to the wedding day and post wedding plans. Thank you again for your support, we couldn't have done it without you!
Elaine, June 2005
Testimonial - Wincy and Billy We love your flower design and decorations. I just knew that you worked overnight. They looked very nice and everyone said we have nice flowers! Thank you again for the nice flower design and decorations. We will definitely introduce you to all our friends!
Wincy & Billy, Oct 2004
Testimonial - Eva We wanted you to know how pleased we were with our wedding and the care you gave us before the event. Everything was perfect! It could not have been better. We were able to enjoy every moment of the ceremony and reception. Again, thanks for being part of our special day and doing all you did to make it unforgettable.
Eva, Aug 2004
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